PBR Toowoomba Meatstock Post Event Game Notes

By: Sean Walsh  Monday, April 17, 2023 @ 3:18 PM


Friday April 14th- Round 1(Long Go)

Section 1:
Rockhampton Cowboy Caiden Sandilands was able to get things underway on Friday afternoon, grabbing the first of his three qualified rides for the weekend on Mr T (Peter Wallace) which was good for 86 points. Fellow Central Queenslander Aaron Kleier was able to follow suit and pick up his eighth qualified ride for the 2023 PBR Australia season in a successful 8 second battle with Apache (Peter Wallace), making him the first cowboy to conquer the Bovine in it’s PBR career to date. Beau Willis was also able to make the whistle in Section 1 of Friday’s action, breaking a five out buck-off streak for the veteran and collecting a solid 86 points for his ride on Black Tuxedo (Peter Wallace). Matt Hollis’ ride ended in only 2.55 seconds during Round 1 with Seven Eleven (Peter Wallace) continuing its good form of late with a 44-point bull score.

Section 2: Macaulie Leather was also able to kick start a perfect weekend during Friday’s action, picking up 85.5 points for efforts on Pirate Patch (Ruhland Ranch), making it the cowboys third PBR event in a row with a qualified ride.  Kurt Shepherd and Clay Hall were also able to make the eight during section two, with Shepherd collecting 83 points on Tezza’s Pride (JD Bucking Bulls) and Hall able to earn an 84-point out with Freak on a Leash (JD Bucking Bulls). Joint Round 1 winner Sam Woodall set the marker for the rest of the field with a cool, calm and collected out of 88 points on After Party (Troy Keliher)

Section 3: Razor Sharp (MJ/Keliher Bucking Bulls) continues to live up to its reputation as one of the most rank bovines on the PBR Australia tour, picking up a massive 44.5 point, when it dispatched of Joe Down in 2.69 seconds, which was good for equal highest bull score of the event. Zane Hall rounded out the section with a controlled ride of Big Buck Hunter (ST Bucking Bulls) for 84.5 points and giving Hall his first score since Cooyar in February.

Section 4: As Round 1 at Toowoomba pushed towards the latter outs of the night, the cowboys were able to start to dominate with Fraser Babbington picking up his first qualified ride since returning to the PBR Australia circuit with 84 points on Shotgun (ST Bucking Bulls) as well as Brazilian dynamo Romario Leite, whose 88-point effort on BK Hog Boss (BK Bucking Bulls) was pure class and enough to gain a joint Round 1 victory with Sam Woodall. Rounding out the action was two rerides which both ended with qualified rides, with Jake Curr matching his dance partner Chewcudda (Peter Wallace) in a 86.5-point out and then fellow Queenslander Bryn Francis was able to also gain a score of 87 during his 2nd shot of the evening with Spit and Grit (MJ/Keliher Bucking Bulls) unable to dislodge Francis before the whistle.

Saturday April 15th- Round 2(Long Go)

Section 1: Romario Leite was the only cowboy to reach the promised land during early action in Round 2, with Dunya Jacket (BK Bucking Bulls) putting out a solid trip which the Brazillian was able to hang on for a tidy 81.5 points and go a bull ahead of the pack.

Section 2: A similar story to the second section of Saturday’s Round 2 action at Toowoomba with Caiden Sandilands able to go all the way on Freak on a Leash (JD Bucking Bulls) for 83.5 points and join Leite with 2/2 on the weekend.

Section 3: Macualie Leather’s 86-point trip on Houston Calling (Ruhland Ranch) gave him the event lead after Round 2 and was the Bovine’s first qualified ride allowed for the 2023 PBR Australia season.

Section 4: Spit and Grit (MJ/Keliher Bucking Bulls) was able to get its revenge after Friday’s quailed ride, dropping Aaron Kleier to the dirt in 5.24 seconds and earning the highest bull score of Round 2. Bryn Francis became the fourth rider to go 2/2 on the weekend with 79 points on No Deal (ST Bucking Bulls) and was offered a reride but decided against it.

Saturday April 15th- Round 3 (Long Go)

Section 1: Kurt Shepherd joined the list of Cowboys to cover multiple bulls with his 85.5 point out on Little Thunder (ST Bucking Bulls) gave him a Top 5 finish for the weekend and therefore picking up 25 national points for the Toowoomba event.

Section 2: Macaulie Leather’s Round 3 qualified ride of 87.5 points on Filthy Rich (Peter Wallace) was the best score of Round 3 and handed Leather his first event win in PBR Australia action since 2021 in Emerald, finishing 3/3 and a 259-point aggregate as well as collecting 71 national points.

Section 3: Suga Boom Boom (BK Bucking Bulls) was able to pick up another quick buckoff, with Lane Mellers the victim in only 2.19 seconds and giving the Bovine its second 43+ score of the weekend.

Section 4: Caiden Sandilands was able to convert an 8-second trip for the third time during the weekend , going 86 points on Kitty Ranch (MJ/Keliher Bucking Bulls) and with a 255 point aggregate being good for second during the event, Sandilands picked up 55 national points.
Aaron Kleier
then rounded out three fantastic rounds of bull riding at Toowoomba Showgrounds with a 82.5-point trip onboard Done Talk’N (Troy Keliher).